Thursday, May 15, 2008

Softball Sisters

Here are some new pics of Aubrielle and Arissa. They play on travel ball together. Daddy is one of the coaches (when he can be there). They are having a great time. Arianna is also playing ball on the older team. Pictures to come soon. BJ and Sterling are playing baseball (I am assistant coaching BJ's tball team). I will try and get my act together and snap some photos of them and get them up here also. The only reason I have some of Aubrie and Riss is because another parent took them and emailed them to me! We are starting our spring/summer of hot, long weekend days watching softball and baseball games in humid heat! Amy


Tonya said...

LOVE the pics...

Aubrielle is such a ham in that 3rd one!

Love the little Athletes!



Bickmore's said...

Looks like a lot of fun! They are so big! CRAZY!

lonnie said...

This was great to read this whole blog thing and see all the pictures, now Noe's not here I have to learn to do this , I loved all the pics,