Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I officially hate strep! This is the third time we are dealing with a strep outbreak in our family over the past two or three months! I am so tired of the bug. I am sick of replacing toothbrushes, giving lectures about sharing drinks, and making people wash their hands obsessively. Anyway, I am anxiously awaiting the warm spring weather and slow down of illnesses that generally accompanies it. The kids and I are keeping busy with school and sports. The kids are studying hard but starting to get more and more spring fever as the warm weather sporadically comes and teases us. They are getting out more and more. They all enjoy going outside and playing ball in the yard. Here is a picture of Aubrie when she plays "CSI" in our yard.


Sue said...

I hope you will all get better SOON!
I know you have a marathon-like schedule everyday, but hang in there and try to get rest (whenever you can)
Love, Mom

Bickmore's said...

Hope you are all well over that now! Yuck no fun!